Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Mapping
The Centre combines orthorectified image mosaics with extracted vector and client-supplied attribute data to create single, data-rich images for GIS and other mapping applications to achieve a multi-layered result for many types of analysis. The expertise and accuracy of our services precludes nearly all potential problems associated with GIS projects. One of the primary services provided by the Centre during the implementation of a GIS project is the georeferencing of various data layers for mapping projection. Common research in GIS includes planning stage and mapping of minerals, pipeline corridors, transportation, land cover, urban development, environmental impact assessment, coastal erosion and disaster analysis. GIS serves as a pathway to address major global challenges and make future technological breakthroughs via geospatial technologies. We provide exceptional expertise in the spatial sciences which can be used to acquire, represent, organise, analyse and visualise mapping data. Our comprehensive background in advanced GIS techniques is applicable to today’s forward-thinking business and academic environments.

GIS: Importance
As the need for spatial interconnectivity increases in the private and public sectors, so does the need for professionalism for GIS knowledge. Simply put, major global challenges – like sustainability, human health and urbanisation – demand a high comprehension-standard that GIS can assist in determining pathways of observation that otherwise would be virtually not possible. GIS can be timely and meaningful about the world around us. It can view life through a spatial lens and use a unique perspective to create responsible, sustainable and scalable solutions that benefit individuals and society. The Centre provides a common spatial language that connects data to geography and people to places. To address global challenges our GIS experts, who have experience in environmental science and city planning, collaborate on an international, interdisciplinary scale and network.