Privacy Resources
The Polo Centre of Sustainability considers that the privacy of your information is of the utmost importance. Below there are several of our privacy resources and additional links to privacy information we and our cliental utilise for regularity and consistency. The Website Privacy Policy (WPP) is central to any web user who accesses our website. The WPP is available by clicking on the Privacy link at the bottom of any of our webpages on our website. The Polo Centre of Sustainability’s privacy program extends to include a number of matters that comply with the completed European Commission’s Community Research and Development Information Service project, “Privacy and emerging fields of science and technology: Towards a common framework for privacy and ethical assessment (PRESCIENT)”. The PRESCIENT website can be found at []. As privacy is a multifaceted concept, a moving target and a salient topic in technology policy making, PRESCIENT provides an early identification of privacy and ethical issues arising from emerging technologies and their relevance for European Commission policy. PRESCIENT contributed to the quality of research in the field of ethics, by distinguishing between privacy and data protection and analysing the ethical, legal and socio-economic conceptualisations of each.

If you have any questions about the privacy guidelines we have set out or believe that we have at any time failed to keep one of our commitments to you to handle your personal information in the manner we have stated within the privacy sections of of website, then we ask that you contact us immediately via email, placing in the subject heading << PRIVACY COMPLAINT >> and directing it to: We will respond and advise whether we agree with your complaint or not. If we do not agree, we will provide reasons. If we do agree, we will advise what, if any, action we consider is appropriate to take in response. This policy is effective from the date of publication 01 April 2016 and will be reviewed periodically.