International Journal of Human Geography and Environmental Studies
Special Issue 2, December 2018
Journal Cover [PDF]
Table of Contents [PDF]

01 Synchronizing Agriculture Trading Regulation and Program in Indonesia – Case Study: Agriculture Trading Regulation of Subang Regency
Purwanegara, M.S., Kusumawati, N., Ekawati, R.H., and Hudrasyah, H. [pp. 368-380]

02 Leap-Frogging to Renewable Energy Regime in West Africa: Arguing for a Community-led Initiative
Khaleel, A.G., and Chakrabarti, M. [pp. 381-395]

03 Global Voice for Survival: An Ecosystemic Approach for the Environment and the Quality of Life
Pilon, A.F. [pp. 396-407]

04 How efficient is urban land speculation?
Gemeda, B.S. [pp. 408-418]

05 Dilemmas for Zanzibar: Energy, Economy and Environment
Juma, S.A. [pp. 419-429]

06 Development of a multiple risks measurement framework for urban resilience
Ebisudani, M., dos Muchangos, L.S., and Cortes, A.C. [pp. 430-432]

07 A GIS based Fire Station Site Selection using Network Analysis and Set Covering Location Problem (Case study: Tehran, Iran)
Davoodi, M., and Mesgari, M.S. [pp. 433-436]

08 Prospects and Problems of Pirate Public Inter-City Transport Services in Lokoja, Kogi State
Adetunji, M.A. [pp. 437-441]

09 Sustainable development
Rezaei, N. [pp. 442-447]

10 Modern practices of human body design: Pilot study – regional aspect
Merenkov, A., Antonova, N., and Purgina, E. [pp. 448-454]

11 Sustainable land reforms as a comprehensive migration management agenda: A perspective of social inclusion in postcolonial Africa
Mwangi, S.M. [pp. 455-458]