Special Issue 2, December 2018
Article Number: 02
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Leap-Frogging to Renewable Energy Regime in West Africa: Arguing for a Community-led Initiative

Khaleel, A.G., and Chakrabarti, M. 
Pages 381-395

Abstract—The development aspirations of most developing countries have been experiencing serious challenges from
different perspectives due variations in the communities within most developing countries. These challenges are further
complicated by the interlinkages between different aspects of development; most notable energy-growth-environmental
linkages. The level of energy access has been adequately linked to growth and development over the years and achieving this
at country level is even more challenging for developing countries especially those in Africa, mainly due to their inherent
differences. This paper argued that a community based energy system partly or wholly owned by the Community Enterprise
will work well in West Africa for reasons like the availability of supporting initiatives in policy, finance, renewable
technologies that are scalable to fit all sizes of demand. This will be based on leap-frogging strategy that enables skipping of
generations of old technologies into new technologies in a consistent manner. This will enable the development of private
sector at the level of communities to participate in many national, regional and international initiatives while realizing their
Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs and creating wealth for themselves in the process.

Keywords—leap-frogging, renewable energy, causality, community-led initiative, SDGs, cooperation