Special Issue 1, December 2009
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01 The species richness and abundance of arthropod diversity in natural and agricultural habitats of a tropical highland (Pyinoolwin, Myanmar)
M.H. Phyu, M.J Jeon, M. Thaung, and A. Kyi - Pages 2-6

02 Emission benefits of Continuous Descent Approach
E.T. Turgut, O. Usanmaz, A.O. Canarslanlar and O. Sahin - Pages 7-11

03 Application of advanced quantitative analysis methods to forecast rainfall and water demand
A. Derakhshani, I. JahanAndish, and A. Keramati - Pages 12-19

04 Biological conservation of the endemic Arbutus pavarii Pamp.: Seed germination as attempt
S. El shatshat - Pages 20-22

05 Application of GIS technique for crop diversification in Nandurbar District (MS)
S. Dnyanesh and J. Satish - Pages 23-26

06 Optimization of leaching metals with sulfuric acid from TPS bottom ash
A.S. Meawad, D.Y. Bojinova, Y.G. Pelovski, and D.L. Damgaliev - Pages 27-31

07 Occupational heat exposure in extreme weather conditions in small and medium enterprises (SME) in India
L.P. Singh, A. Bhardwaj, K.K. Deepak, and S. Singh - Pages 32-38

08 The usefulness of NDVI in the monitoring of drought in the Guinea Savannah Region of Nigeria
E.D. Aweda and Z.D. Adeyewa - Pages 39-45

09 Occupational noise and hearing conservation of industrial workers in casting, forging industry in Northern India
L.P. Singh, A. Bhardwaj, K.K. Deepak, and S. Singh - Pages 46-51

10 Association rules for mining in vertically and horizontally partitioned databases while maintaining privacy of data
M.M. Madani Lemraski and H. Asefi - Pages 52-57

11 Comparative study of Methylene blue dye removal from its aqueous solution using guava and mango leaf powder as low cost adsorbent
H.J. Patel and R.T. Vashi - Pages 58-62

12 Corporate social responsibility: A critical analysis of efforts in India
A.S. Thakur - Pages 63-67

13 Open recreation urban spaces as a critical management sites: Case study of the Ghaitarieh local park of Tehran City
F. Razeghi and M. Seddigh - Pages 68-70