Special Issue 1, December 2009
Article Number: 11
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Comparative study of Methylene blue dye removal from its aqueous solution using guava and mango leaf powder as low cost adsorbent
H.J. Patel and R.T. Vashi
Pages 58-62

Abstract—The present study investigated the comparison of adsorption capacities of Guava and Mango leaf powder for Methylene Blue Dye (MBD) removal. Experiments were conducted by varying several parameters namely adsorption dose, pH, temperature and contact time. Adsorption isotherms of MBD on adsorbents were determined and correlated with common isotherm equations such as Langmuir and Freundlich models and found that the isotherm data were reasonably correlated by Langmuir isotherm. The kinetics studies like pseudo first– and second-order, intra particle diffusion isotherm were applied, in which Pseudo second order reaction is found to be most applicable.

Keywords—adsorption isotherm, Guava Leaf powder (GLP), Kinetic model, Mango Leaf Powder (MLP), Methylene blue dye.