Special Issue 1, December 2009
Article Number: 12
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Corporate social responsibility: A critical analysis of efforts in India
A.S. Thakur
Pages 63-67

Abstract—Organizations of the 21st century can no longer limit themselves to producing and marketing products or services without any concerns for the impacts they have on society. If they want to be trusted by their customers, employees and the public at large, they have to be more socially responsible. This paper concerns the significance and scope of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and its implications in the society. The objective of this research is to provide new ways of thinking about the extent of corporation’s efforts to contribute to society via their CSR programmes. The present study seeks to analyze a case study of Dahanu Thermal Power Station located in Dahanu taluka, State of Maharashtra in India. The company has claimed that it is successfully implementing the CSR initiatives which are contributing significantly in the community development and environmental preservation. Although the efforts of the management are remarkable there is still a lot of scope to enhance environmental component in their CSR initiatives. The study is based on the onsite observations made by the researcher. The author has also used the secondary data by using internet, newspapers, literature on CSR and the company’s literature. The author also did open discussions with the local people which gave her a new perspective about the issue. It is essential for companies to take into consideration perception and expectation of the resident community.

Keywords—corporate social responsibility, Dahanu Thermal Power Station, India.