Special Issue 1, December 2009
Article Number: 13
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Open recreation urban spaces as a critical management sites: Case study of the Ghaitarieh local park of Tehran City
F. Razeghi and M. Seddigh
Pages 68-70

Abstract—In countries that have a variety of disasters like earthquakes, floods and other types – urban planning and design should act as a priority for the needs of its communities via critical management sites. Iran is one of 10 countries within the world that has a lot these types of disasters. It is evident that multipurpose urban areas can help people and government institutions better handle a situation after a natural disaster. One important and large urban area that seems suitable for this type of objective is the use of open recreational urban sites. These urban sites can be designed flexibly to act as a recreational area as well as, after a natural disaster, for survivors via the safe-housing of emergency shelters and alleged initial help for victims. In this paper after mentioning general concepts the notion of a local park of Tehran city (Ghaitarieh Park) and presentation of its proposed solution to achieve this aim is discussed.

Keywords—critical site, flexible design, open urban space, recreation site.