Special Issue 2, December 2018
Article Number: 07
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Creation of maps of extreme weather events under the conditions of climate change

Romanov, S.L., Chernoukha, B.N., and Agaronova S.I.
Pages 509-511

Abstract—The meteorological statistics obviously indicates that there is a manifold increase of victims and frequency of
catastrophic weather phenomena now. The danger is depending, on the one hand, the fact that the parameters of rainfall,
temperature, wind speed, etc. is systematically are getting higher than the limit values previously registered for these territories.
The common level of protection of society depends on the ability of all elements of infrastructure technically resist for the all
collection external influences, ensuring safety of population and the normal functioning of the economy. Every element of this
structure has a different but the quite ultimate reserves of robustness and the probability of achievement of these critical values
is equivalent to the risk of such catastrophic events as winterkill of settlements, flooding subway, traffic collapse, etc. The
measure of this probability can get objective information about the level of protection (hazard), however, the territory of Europe
is spatially differentiated not only geographically but by modern transformation of climate. In this situation only one way of
effectively solving the all complex of problems is to create a specialized GIS and DSS (decision-making system), operating
on the basis of an electronic atlas of critical weather phenomena and on the cartographic database containing the technical
parameters of objects which get in the zone of influence of weather disaster.

Keywords— extreme weather phenomena, climate transformation, electronic atlas of dangerous weather phenomena