Special Issue 1, December 2009
Journal Cover [PDF]
Table of Contents [PDF]

01 Sustainability of space in architecture and the built form
F.N. Salim - Pages 2-7

02 Permanency as a new understanding of sustainability: Case study using traditional Iranian architecture
P. Hanachi, Z. Zamani, and M. Taleghani - Pages 8-14

03 The environmental causes and effects of human activities in Africa: A case study of deforestation in Rwanda
M. Jean de la Paix, J. Ge, T. Kabera, and G. Habiyaremye - Pages 15-18

04 Study on environmental impact by changing lifestyle and consumption patterns in China
J. Du, H. Shirakawa, O. Higashi, and H. Imura - Pages 19-26

05 A study of the summertime urban heat island over Delhi
P. Pandey, D. Kumar, A. Prakash, K. Kumar, and V.K. Jain - Pages 27-34

06 Irrigated agricultural production and adaptation to climate change in the Argentinean Pampas: An analysis from a socio-theoretical perspective
C. Riera and S.G. Pereira - Pages 35-39

07 Questioning the sustainable development of North Cyprus: Drinking water consumption issues
L. Cazacova, U. Ulbar, A. Erdelhun, and N. Cazacova - Pages 40-44

08 The role of environment and resource management in sustainable development
G.R. Taleghani - Pages 45-48

09 Perceptions on community based eco-tourism and rural development: Case study on Sindhudurg
M.S. Kulkarni - Pages 49-56

10 Study of the technology development of harvesting gravitational potential energy for transportation by using CASWAT-G
L.B. Baral - Pages 57-59

11 Critical situation of the vegetation of EL-Gabal EL-Akhdar area: Physical and anthropogenic factors and their effects on wild utilized
and endemic taxa

S. El shatshat, G. Thabt, and N. Elhashani - Pages 60-63

12 Recycling strategies of trade effluents of a textile processing industry based on physical, chemical and biological treatment in India
S. Singh, K.S. Bhullar, L.P. Singh, A. Bhardwaj, R. Sharma, and A. Sachdeva - Pages 64-66

13 Impact of radical terraces on Rwanda environment: Case of Kaniga sector
M. Jean de la Paix, J. Ge, G. Habiyaremye, and U.A. Mukakayumba - Pages 67-72

14 Measurement residue of two currently used pesticides (Endosulfan and Fosalon) in Colorado potato beetle control and their entrance into the environment
F. Nasehi, M.Z. Zadeh, H. Shahbazi, and G.N. Ghonbalani - Pages 73-75