Special Issue 1, December 2009
Article Number: 07
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Questioning the sustainable development of North Cyprus: Drinking water consumption issues

L. Cazacova, U. Ulbar, A. Erdelhun, and N. Cazacova
Pages 40-44

Abstract—The main goal of this article is to attract the attention of the country’s government and its citizens to the groundwater consumption issues in North Cyprus, and to influence them to seek for this problem’s solution. As a first step towards that we have examined the micro district of Kyrenia - Alsancak. The real amount of water consumed (daily, monthly, annually) in the area has been determined, also the purposes for which the groundwater is used. With the aim of reducing the quantity of the groundwater consumption, and by analyzing the successes of well developed countries, we suggested alternative solutions to the countries issues of the lack of water supply, and developed mechanisms for their implementation.

Keywords—Alsancak, groundwater, irrational water consumption, sustainability.