Special Issue 1, December 2009
Article Number: 13
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Impact of radical terraces on Rwanda environment: Case of Kaniga sector
M. Jean de la Paix, J. Ge, G. Habiyaremye, and U.A. Mukakayumba
Pages 67-72

Abstract—This study was undertaken to assess the Impact of Radical Terraces on Rwanda Environment. Its soil was degraded and washed away by erosion. In order to protect the environment against different effects of erosion, it was revealed that many strategies were taken; among them for example are the dig and hedge anti-erosion and radical terraces. It was showed that the Radical terraces have a positive impact in augmentation of farm productivity but the luck of materials, luck of means, hard soil and straight slope were a big barrier for a good speed of activities. The measurement of erosion by capturing of water flow on mountainsides showed that the speed of this water was reduced from 1 hour in April 2007 to 7 hours 12 minutes in April 2008. Finally, we proposed the strategies which can be applied by different actions/actors in order to preserve the environment.

Keywords—agriculture, environment, erosion, radical terraces, Rwanda.