Special Issue Journal of Sustainability Science and Studies

Special Issue 2, December 2018

Journal Cover [PDF]

Table of Contents [PDF]

  1. Polluting Emissions and GDP: Decoupling Evidence from Brazilian States, Jalles, J.T. [pp. 462-475]

  2. Sustainability and Sectoral Stability in Africa’s Natural Resources Utilization, Khaleel, A.G., and Chakrabarti, M. [pp. 476-487]

  3. Estimation of production and rate of consumerism for electronic wastes of Arak City for prospecting purposes and policies for these wastes, Aghmashhadi, A.H., and Zahedi, S. [pp. 488-494]

  4. Treatment of Uranium and Heavy Metals on Soil and in Groundwater, Choi, J. [pp. 495-498]

  5. Social Networks of Student-Migrants: Case of Chinese Students at the Ural Federal University, Russia, Antonova, N., and Purgina, E. [pp. 499-503]

  6. Time series dynamics of precipitation patterns in four major urban cities in sub-Saharan Africa: Persistence, seasonality and long memory, Awe, O.O., and Gil-Alana, L.A. [pp. 504-508]

  7. Creation of maps of extreme weather events under the conditions of climate change, Romanov, S.L., Chernoukha, B.N., and Agaronova S.I. [pp. 509-511]

  8. Analysis of degradation kinetics of Naphthalene and Acenaphthene on industrial sludge of lubricant refinery by anaerobic degradation, Sabetifard, S.H., Kazemi Moayed, H., and Daneshfar, M.A. [pp. 512-516]

  9. Weather Risk and Off-Farm Labor Supply of Smallholder Farm Households in Developing Countries, Gansonré, S. [pp. 517-529]

  10. Legislation, Resources and Rights: A Case Study of Forest Rights in India, Patel, T., Sharma, A.R., and Tripathi, A. [pp. 530-538]

  11. Analysis of Sound Absorption Coefficient (Case Study: Gypsum panel, gypsum-arenga pinnata fibre, arenga pinnata fibre-gypsum and foamed concrete- arenga pinnata fibre), Fuady, Z., Ismail, Fauzi, and Zulfian [pp. 539-550]

  12. Applying United Nations Sustainable Development Goals at the Foreign Languages Centre of the University of Gdansk, Swebocka, A. [pp. 551-555]

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